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Chris Shehan
Chris Shehan
Freelance Illustrator
El Paso, TX, United States of America


Published illustrator with experience in Comics, cover illustration, and trading card illustration.

Published Comics:
-Hell Paso (issue 5 interior art + cover) Written by Jaime Portillo (2010)
-Hell Paso (issue 6 cover colors) Written by Jaime Portillo (2011)
-Magic City: China Alley (interior art) Written by Greg Thelen (2011)
-Hud 24 Hour Comic (story + interior art) Written by Chris Shehan (2011)
-White Smoke (pages 16-19 interior art + story) Created by Simon Lindenthaler (2012)
-Solar Flare (issue #4 variant cover art) Written by James Haick (2015)
-Bank (8 page webcomic) Written by Jed McPherson (2016)
-Jacob (chapter 4 interior art) Written by Jed McPherson (2017)
-Prometheus (issue 1 interior art + cover) Written by Ryan Little (2017)
-Heirs (issue 1 interior art + colors) Written by James Romansky (2017)

-Various small press comic books as both interior, cover, and occasional pin-up artist.
-Jimmy Daze Comics (interior comic art)
-The Fairytale Games (trading card illustration)
-The Spoils: Card Game (trading card illustration)
-Author Jamie Evans (various book cover illustrations)
-Author Nick Piers (novel cover illustration)
-Flame Tree Publishing (illustration for an art book and calendar)
-Solar Flare Comic (issue #4 variant cover illustration)
-Jed McPherson (interior comic art)
-Ryan Little (interior comic art and covers)
-Here There Be Monsters Press (interior comic art)
-Printed In Blood (The Thing: Artbook illustration)


StorytellingComic ArtBook Cover IllustrationPortraiture

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