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The Very Best

As Ash grew older, he started to take his Pokemon training more seriously. He knew he didn't earn most of his Badges, nor was his knowledge of Pokemon basics up to par with Gary Oak. He did, however, know that his strongest Pokemon was Charizard. Charizard was stubborn as always. He wouldn't listen in a battle, and he was constantly hurting Ash. But Ash was determined to be the best.
Ash and Charizard fought and fought, constantly, giving Ash minor burns. One day, outside of Viridian Forest, Ash was engaged in battle with a high level trainer, and being as persistent as he was, he chose Charizard. Command after command, Charizard refused. Ash yelled at Charizard causing him to attack Ash. Charizard took Ash's arm clean off. It was super effective. Ash blacked out...
Suddenly, Charizard had a flashback. He remembered when he was a Charmander. Ash had saved his life when he was abandoned by a horrible trainer. He quickly flew Ash to the nearest Pokemon Center. Ash woke up in the hospital a week later with a robotic arm and Charizard's Poke Ball next to him. The hospital staff said they found him next to that Poke Ball. They also managed to remove one of Charizard's teeth from Ash's body.
When Ash realized what Charizard had done for him, a truce was formed. The two battled their way through all the Elites in every league. They took down the terrorist organization known as Team Rocket, more than once. They truly became the Very Best...

... Like no one ever was.

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